Meet the Opticians

Fred McDonald

Fred McDonald, owner and founder of American Eyecare, has over forty years of experience as an optician. Fred graduated from the Worcester Industrial Technical Institute of Worcester, Massachusetts in 1972.  He spent the following six years managing an optical store in Cape Cod before moving to Laconia.  In 1978, he moved to Laconia, New Hampshire where he continued his work as an optician before opening his own establishment in 1989.  Fred is a Registered Optician with the state of New Hampshire. During leisure hours, one might find Fred skiing, gardening, or spending time with his wife, Suzanne, children Meredith, Meghann and Isaiah, and grandchildren.

Bob Salome

Bob Salome brings forty years of experience to American Eyecare. Bob is a Registered Optician with the State of New Hampshire and a certified member of the American Board of Opticians.  Bob graduated from the Worcester Industrial Technical Institute of Worcester, Massachusetts in 1973.  Bob, and his wife, Karin, have lived in Laconia for 35 years. They have two grown sons, and a new granddaughter.  When he is not at work as an optician, Bob volunteers his time to various ministries of St. James Episcopal Church, and officiates at youth basketball and baseball games.

As of Christmas 2017 Bob has retired from his chosen career as an Optician! This came as a surprise to many of his patients that he’s has been working with for so many years. Bob will be greatly missed by us here at American Eyecare and we have big shoes to fill but would like to say that we will continue to follow his example and give exemplary customer service! Enjoy retirement!

Jim Crites

Jim Crites has been in the optical industry for 20 years, including work in both surfacing and finishing labs for eyewear.  Jim is a Registered Optician with the State of New Hampshire. He has eighteen years of retail experience in the local community.  Jim joined American Eyecare in 1998.  Jim lives in Gilmanton Iron Works with his wife, Becky and can be found camping with their dog Sabre on the weekends!

Mike Heath

Mike Heath is an American Board of Opticianry certified and NH State registered Dispensing Optician as has a long history in the optical industry starting in 1994. He spent a number of years working in the lab and has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to making sure your lenses fit in the frame like they’re supposed to! Mike joined the American Eyecare family in 2014 and has been an integral part of the team since.

Nick Berner

Nick Berner joined American Eyecare in 2017, and is a registered dispensing Optician in NH. Nick started in the industry in 2006 working in a lab and eventually branched out into being an optician. Moving from big box retail locations to smaller privately owned optical shops have given him the avenue to really help patients get the custom eyewear they need! He’s the guy to see about all your digital eye fatigue and computer workspace needs. He and his wife Heather can usually be found at a local BBQ joint enjoying some brisket!

Isaiah McDonald

Isaiah McDonald  you can probably guess where the surname comes from! Isaiah is our fledgling optician that is learning the trade under the guidance of his father, Fred and the team here at American Eyecare. He has a knack for the machines and is becoming quite the edging wiz. We expect great things to come!